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Rachel’s 3 Wine Picks for Thanksgiving

by Rachel Voorhees

Rachels thanksgiving picks 2013

Thanksgiving, a day focused around a comforting and classic meal with family and close friends requires, you guessed it, wine. Pairing wine with the variety of food flavors and textures on the Thanksgiving table can be tricky but there are certain wines that pair well with all of your traditional turkey holiday dishes. After all, your food traditions deserve delicious wine alongside. And don’t forget the glass (or two) you will want to sip on while cooking! These three wines are all you need for the upcoming turkey day. Yep, just three wines. Let’s keep it simple.


We all need more bubbles in our lives so it’s a given that one of the three wines for turkey day MUST be a sparkling wine. So let’s start with Champagne and toast the holiday! Thanksgiving is all about being thankful for what we have in our lives. Why not celebrate what we are thankful for with bubbles? My turkey day bubbles pick is Champagne Henriot NV Brut Souverain. This Champagne is firm and toasty, offering hints of tropical fruit, mixed with notes of quince, lemon zest and ginger. It’s fresh and lively with a long finish. It’s delicious with any food on the Thanksgiving table and of course wonderful to sip on all by itself while you’re cooking!

White wine

When it comes to turkey day, I always reach for the Riesling. Why? Because not only is Riesling a good match for the flavors of turkey day dishes because of the fruitiness and acidity, making it perfect for matching those range of flavors, most Riesling wines are low in alcohol, making it a smart wine to drink if you tend to eat your Thanksgiving meal earlier in the day. After all, you want to stay awake for your turkey sandwich at the end of the day while you watch football! I absolutely adore the Eroica Riesling from the Columbia Valley in Washington State. It’s racy with awesome acidity and flavors of star fruit, citrus rind and white peach. I also love the enhanced minerality and fresh crispness on the finish.

Red wine

For reds, Pinot Noir is the obvious choice. Pinot has a savory character that seems to embrace almost any cuisine, even Thanksgiving foods. This year, I am headed to Oregon for my turkey day Pinot Noir. The King Estate Pinot Noir is a wine for Oregon that is loved by many. It stands up proudly for the varietal and offers black fruit, strawberries and a shading of sweet oak. This smooth and supple Pinot Noir has soft tannins, a wonderful mouth feel and lingering fruit making it a great red wine for your Thanksgiving table.